We Can Win This Fight

From 1957-1999, New York State had balanced representation with a Republican and a Democrat  in the U.S. Senate, with Senator Alfonse D’Amato representing the former. In this same period, the Mayor of New York City fluctuated between both parties, with Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg serving as standard-bearers for the Republican Party. This period also saw Nelson Rockefeller and George Pataki assume Governorship of the Empire State. It is no coincidence that New York’s highest points of economic and cultural prosperity coincided with these great men representing classic American values to the fullest extent.

Today, millions have fled the state as violent criminals have been loosed on the streets in the false name of rehabilitation; gun crimes and violence against law enforcement have skyrocketed; our State is in grievous debt; thousands have died by the hands of Governor Cuomo as he transformed assisted-living facilities into contained houses of death. This is our once-glorious State under the Triple Crown of Democratic rule in the offices of Governor, Mayor, and State Legislature.

Could you imagine New York with Republican rule? From 1995 to 2000, it was a reality; and not until 2018 did the Republican Party lose the State Senate majority. As Republican representation has dwindled, what was once the center of advanced civilization has become a ruined, smoldering husk. People all over the world dreamed of New York with its streets paved with gold and its air full of opportunity; now the sidewalks are many footsteps lighter and the smell of rot is pervasive. Again, it is no coincidence that things drastically took a turn for the worse as representation turned to favor the radical Left.

We have taken a heinous beating, but there is nothing like “New York strong.” Although our fair State has been crippled, we are the home of impossible dreams – we can learn to stand proudly again. It is a massive undertaking, and that is why we are called the Empire State.